Hard Water Shampoo

Water around you.

Developing countries face new environmental challenges every day. Nearly three-quarters of India receives a hard water supply. Numerous development and ecological reasons have led to water quality deterioration in major cities across India.

Your water could be a cause of your hair-care woes.

Minerals in hard water adversely affect your hair.


A revolution in professional salon care, iluvia is the solution for everyday hard water woes. 

Discover a completely new hair cleansing system that frees hair from damaging mineral deposits, leaving it softer, fuller and more manageable.

Designed to gently remove metal ion and product deposits, iluvia is a daily use shampoo that can be used in regular as well as hard water.

Designed for salon professionals, iluvia is your solution for hard water hair woes. Switch to iluvia.

Feel the iluvia difference.

Available at select salons and stores across Bengaluru and Chennai. Also available through our online channel partners.

For business enquiries in South-East Asia: sales.sea@renaura.com

Your water affects your hair. Nearly 3/4ths of India receives hard water.

The damage from Hard Water.

Hard water is harsh. Minerals present in hard water bind to your hair leaving it frizzy, rough and making it difficult to style.

Mineral ions can adversely impact hair color and other hair restoration or styling treatments. 

Hard water can aggravate hair conditions like dandruff and eczema.

This may lead to hair breakage, as well as hair fall and consequent hair loss.

iluvia effectively removes mineral deposits from hair and scalp. Prevent hair damage with iluvia

The science of iluvia.

Detoxes hair by sequestering harmful metal ions and product deposits.

Leaves hair feeling naturally refreshed and clean. 

A unique conditioning approach makes hair feel softer without leaving water-insoluble deposits.

Safer and gentler.